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  Foto av E Salevid, initiativtagare till Landscape & Citizens, 2006


March 2012

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  News Letter No 2
March 2012 


No local engagement for Heritage issues in Sweden? You're kidding...

At the same time as the age-old Swedish National Heritage Board changed Head last week, a press release from the Lund University was also cabled out: Contrary to a general belief, Sweden is not putting aside as much money as our neighbours for financing the "cultural environment" sector. Landscape is neglected and one may indeed feel sorry for it in Sweden... However, this information in a new thesis from a local architect and researcher on buildings and protection, Ingela Pålsson-Skarin, and others, shows that the engagement is there. And from others, too. People actually do want to take part, with their experiences, knowledge, or by sponsoring... The problem according to Skarin is that "the state has a monopoly concerning the financement of the cultural heritage sector". The photo, right, is of the Church of Maglarp, Region Skåne, down-loaded from the thesis. The church was demolished in 2007.

Maglarps kyrka, riven 2007

Photo © I Pålsson-Skarin

A "Soul of Culture" permeats the Council of Europe work for Heritage
Join the 2nd "free lesson" of just one heritage-minding Swedish citizen to hopefully many others! Today, this view of the Council of Europe, the Swedish state seems to want to keep, much for itself... The aims of the European Landscape Convention, however, should be rather difficult for ordinary people to grip, if they are not openly welcomed into the European debate of ideas - such as those of the CoE! Sweden needs original models in order to keep up interest and respect for old heritage objects as seen above. N. B. These "lessons" are all in Swedish. Why? The main goal of the operation is to help finance a larger paper edition of  the CoE European Rural Heritage Observation Guide - CEMAT existing in the Swedish language, since 2009. Stupid? What?!

The CoE "lesson" transmitted by civil society continues
Photo © Council of Europe

Green Liberal's Network may take a new hold on environmental issues in Skåne

The blue-bottles of the corn fields do screem out their cobolt message of freedom. If not endangered of course. However, also the political landscape has its flowers, and finally they are starting to "come out"! A liberal debate on management vs renewal in the environment sector is taking form - Liberals were indeed early birds in this field... The Green Liberal's Network now develops in Skåne. When the 2nd Skåne Conference in Malmö-Alnarp took place last Wednesday, the "Landscapes of Skåne and the ELC", a whole "bouquet" of politicians were also at place. Welcome, on board. Landscapes in Sweden indeed need your growing activity and knowledge...
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Frihetens blåklint på grön arena
Photo © Green Liberals
Become a Partner of Landscape & Citizens to EU-fund more meetings around the landscape!
The experts of the 33 municipalities in Skåne now seem to focus on the environmental and spatial planning research fields. In Lund, last November a think tank was initiated, to be further developped in April. And a seminar on the Skåne landscapes and the ELC was held in Malmoe Alnarp only yesterday. L&C, with some good support from the well instructed Western Gotaland Region (VGR), RECEP-ENELC, (with which L&C has collaborated through UNISCAPE) and CIVILSCAPE, of which we are a Partner, now wants to set up/become a partner of an EU Project! We want to promote also existing models and knowledge. We shouldn't invent the wheel once more, should we? Decision-maker(s) in one, or other, Skåne Municipality, if this makes sense to you and you are interested in town-twinning and meetings with already active citizens around the South Baltic - contact us. Let's make an application together!

Photo © EACEA/EU

CONTACT: Eva Salevid, Network of Partners of the European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe, Partner of CIVILSCAPE
Gamla Malmovagen 139, 262 92 SE-ANGELHOLM, tel 00 46 (0) 70 376 88 64, email


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