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"Knowing more - creating better!"
  Eva Salevid, Fil.mag - Master of Art
What is written on this site has a universal-European "touch" rather than  a currently dominant just "selling a product-"touch". Nevertheless, for fruitful contacts concerning the issues of the European Landsscape Convention some personal information may be requested: Eva Salevid who launched this site 10 years ago got dedicated to the European Landscape Convention (ELC) as a result of a traineeship at the Council of Europe, Division of Spatial Planning and Landscape, Strasbourg, winter/spring 2004.

Before that she had I longer period of work as a teacher at the Université Marc Bloch - now UNIVERSITÉ DE STRASBOURG - FRANCE, where she was a "foreign lecturer", a work that by wandering around brought her to learn lots and lots of interesting things about Regions in Europe around this new century...

She has an exam as Master of Arts (MA) in the French language and civilization, including a course in Project Management on a landscape project, from 2008 and has in the path of a growing landscape been able to hold quite a few lectures (communications, presentations...), mostly in an international context. An activity (=föredrag) that she is certainly interested to pursue also "locally"!

Since 2005 she is part of  Network of Partners for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe.

See more on Evas CV and mail address below.


Wanderer in European landscape - include Sweden!

   Eva Salevid



2008  Master of Arts, French Language and Civilization, LiU, SW, incl. Course in Project Leadership, MAH. (Main essay [Engl. title]): "Jean Daniel, Europe and ourselves. In favour of a European Public Arena in Sweden"
2004Trainee vid Division of landscape and spatial planningCouncil of Europe, Strasbourg, FR
1989Journalist's Exam, Stockholm University, SW
1980Teacher's Exam, Uppsala University, SW

 Relevant seminars, projects and presentations

2015Defining Landscape Democracy, Implementing the ELC effectively, III, Oscarsborg, Oslo, Norway, 4 June 2015. With the financial support of the Carl Staaff Foundation 
from the ELC Recommendations to Local Initiatives, Torino, 22-23 September 2014, Implementing the ELC effectively, II
2014 I QUADERNI DI CAREGGI, Issue 06 No. 6/2 "Common Goods from a Landscape Perspective, Implementing the ELC effectively? An Honest Reaction A Citizens Participation Project in Summary
2013Landscape & Imagination. Towards a new baseline for education in a changing world Conference, Paris 2-4 May 2013
Paper and communication for the Epistemology Session; "Fumbling for Light in Forested Areas" (Conference Book pp 113-116) in Paris, France. With financial support from  Carl Staaff Foundation
2012Book  Publishing: Observationsguide över landsbygdens arv i Europa, tillgänglig för köp på, Visby, Sweden
2010Report: ”Landscape and Tourism Conference", Gothenburg with financial support from the Carl Staaff Foundation,
Paper for the Living Landscape Conference, at the 10th Anniversary of the European landscape Convention of the Council of Europe, Florence: “After "Landscape and Driving Forces: Can the CEMAT Rural Heritage Guide still cointribute top the ELC in Sweden?” Short paper for the 10th Anniversary of the ELC by MA Eva Salevid and Erik Skärbäck (prof. spatial planning, SLU-Alnarp, SW) in The European Landscape Convention in research perspective pp 256-260.
Seminar Preparation of European Rural Heritage Guide Project with the financial support of the Environmental Foundation of the Region of Skåne
2009Translation and exhibition of European Rural Heritage Observation Guide - CEMAT // Observationsguide över landsbygdens arv i Europa, Malmö-Alnarp.
Introduction to the,
ECOPÀS, Conference Material, Madrid
2007Communication: "Can the Swedish version of the European Rural Heritage Observation Guide – CEMAT contribute to wider public participation on landscape matters and regions in South East Sweden?" at the demand of the Council of Europe, Sibiu
2006Report: "'...could contribute to job creation;…'. Some thoughts concerning the implementation of the European Landscape Convention in Sweden", on the demand of the Swedish National Heritage Board".
Seminar Preparation of An Attractive Region of Östergötland! Where town-and-countryside join? with the support and participation of the Committee for  EU-DEBATE och SKL, (= Swedish Local and Regional Authorities)
2005"3rd WS for the ELC in Cork", IR. With the support of Carl Staaff Foundation
2004Communication: "Swedish Landscape/Paysages de Suède" at Council of Europe/Rumania Landscape and Spatial Planning Conference, Tulcea, RUMANIA
2003Comparison and Analysis: "The Sommenbygd - Alsace: some ideas for the development of The Sommenbygd, Östergötland, SW" with financial support by Leader+ Sommenbygd

Swedish Foreign Lecturer of Language and Culture for French-speaking Students at the Université Marc Bloch/ Université de Strasbourg, FR, on the proposal of the Swedish Institute (SI), SW


2010Active participation in the Region Skåne Project "Structural Image 2.0" for one year after a suggestion of the Region Skåne
2004Initiator of an independent network on landscape: Landscape&Citizens,
Political tasks (2003-2006, 2010-) as a Member of the Board of the Liberal party in the Department of Östergötland and at Community level as a member of the Culture and Leisure Committee and the Board of Democracy in the Community of Kinda, during the first mandate period, and in the Committee of Constructions, during the second period in the Community of Ängelholm
2000Other translations, apart from above, include three published books (history, ethnology, fiction) from French to Swedish in the 80's (one transl. of a political essay from 1998 waiting to be published)

 Eva Salevid  Kunna mer för att skapa mer  "Knowing more, creating better"Kunna mer för att skapa mer!     Council of Europe alias Conseil de l'Europe
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